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The Pinnacle, Leith


The malleability and strength of steel makes it an ideal medium for creating dynamic sculpture. Delicate, intricately forged pieces for the home and garden or large fabricated and forged works for the public domain are all created from the same material. The metal can be wrought into dramatic shapes and forms whilst hot, but when cool these shapes and textures remain, as does the inherent strength of the material. These intrinsic properties of mild steel enable us to continually push the known boundaries of what is achievable when we design for sculptural commissions. Our years of experience in producing public artworks includes liaising with the commissioner or their agent on the initial designs, realisation of the work at Ratho Byres Forge and the final installation on site of the sculptural form. We have produced many innovative award winning sculptures, from the kinetic "Wind Vane Family" on the Boulevard Roundabout in Livingston to the mains gas fuelled "Millennium Beacon" placed on the Half Moon Battery of Edinburgh Castle as part of the global millennium celebrations.