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Forged metalwork has structural strength and beauty which integrates harmoniously within almost any public building or space. It has been employed throughout the centuries to create structural and ornamental forms which complement both interior and exterior aspects of buildings. Properties and the built environment can be enhanced by artistic metalwork incorporated into the planning process at an early stage, forming an integral part of a scheme in the form of both functional and sculptural works. An innovative, forged feature can create an entrance, make a statement and generate interest, providing the public with artworks to engage the mind and feed the soul or functional elements to interact with - an archway to pass through, a canopy to give shelter, a handrail to assist, a lamp to offer light. Building interiors and exteriors can be embellished with forged metalwork in the form of staircases, window grilles, balconies, canopies or lighting. These functional but decorative items all add interest, enhancing the existing architecture. An open space can be enriched by the addition of creative metalwork, perhaps in the form of seating to create a focus and provide a place of rest.