Earth Wisdom - a series of three sculptures for Dedridge, Livingston
Dedridge Environmental Ecology Project (DEEP) funded by the Grassroots Public Arts Scheme, have commissioned Ratho Byres Forge to generate ideas for their DEEP Earth Wisdom public arts project to improve the Dedridge Burn plantation area in Livingston.  Working with the local community, our artist blacksmiths have been developing ideas for three separate sculptures.  Mike Johnson and Pete Hill participated in a family fun day at Lanthorn Community Centre, Dedridge, taking along a forge and anvil, they demonstrated forging techniques and discussed ideas for the artworks.  From these discussions, the idea of giant metal oak leaves to be placed in the woods and a giant damsel fly to be placed in the newly restored pond, have been developed.  As part of the community involvement, children from several local schools visited Ratho Byres Forge to see forging and a slide show.  The children then made sketches of sculpture they would like in the woods and these ideas were developed further to create Fungi Jungle, a collection of mushrooms and forest floor fauna based on the drawings produced by the children.
The three sculptures are currently in production and will be ready to fit at Dedridge Burn plantation in the very near future.
Giant Oak Leaves. Design and drawing by Jois HunterDamsel Fly alighting on pond. Design and drawing by Jois HunterFungi Jungle developed from local childrens drawings. Design and drawing by Jois Hunter     drawings by Jois Hunter