strong>Three New Sculptures Installed at Dedridge Burn.
Three sculptures commissioned by Dedridge Environmental Ecology Project (DEEP) have been installed at Dedridge Burn Plantation, Livingston.  The sculptures, designed through involvement with the local community have been created using stone and steel.
Oak Leaves and Acorns, larger than life oak leaves with two carved stone acorns stand below the oak trees overlooking the pond.  The leaves, formed from 40mm thick steel, have been heated and shaped to represent fallen leaves.  The natural iron oxide patina,a rich deep brown colour, relates to the fallen leaves adorning the woodland floor.
Fungi Jungle, designed in collaboration with the local school children.  The children produced drawings at school which were developed further at the forge to create a group of toadstools sprouting from the woodland floor.  There are woodland creatures amongst the toadstools to be discovered by passers by.
Damsel Fly can be found alighting on a stone in the middle of the newly restored pond.  Forged from mild steel and brightly coloured, the reflection on the water makes the Damsel Fly a prominent feature of the pond.
Oak Leaves and AcornsFungi Jungle