Alderstone House, Stair & Balustrade.
Alderstone House, a 17th century Scots mansion house near Livingston has recently been converted into the company headquarters for Walker Timber Ltd.
P. Johnson & Company were awarded the commission to design, make and install an elegant stair and balustrade to the reception area of the modern vestibule, part of the dynamic glass fronted extension to Alderstone House.
The Stair with a half landing supported from below, leads up to the first floor where the balustrade continues around the top landing.  Each tread is formed from a folded plate, attached to both stringers giving lateral stability to the stair.  The balustrades are forged tapers with a punched hole which has then been twisted.  The use of rivets to attach the balustrade to the stringers gives added interest and texture to the overall design.
The metalwork has been painted black with graphite and  burnished to give a sparkle to the finished work.
The wood used for the treads and handrail is oak, carved and fitted by cabinet maker, Michaela Huber.
detail showing newal posts, treads and handrailsupport detail for half landingView from first floor looking down on the stairBalustrade running around the landing Balustrade detail