Running Hares, Eskbank, Dalkeith.
Running Hares, a series of four sculptural lager than life hares, commissioned by CALA Homes to enhance the entrance to a new housing development near Eskbank.
The Hares stand around 700 - 900 mm high, with each hare in a different stance.
After studying many images of hares in different running positions the sculptural hares were developed and constructed at Ratho Byres Forge by our team of artist blacksmiths.  For each figure a steel skeleton was created to form an armature from which to develop each hare.  3 mm steel plate was heated and shaped to the correct forms and then clad onto the skeleton to give a lifelike form to each sculpture.
On completion the Hares were galvanised then painted grey with graphite.  The hares were burnished just as the paint was dry to reveal the graphite and bring a sparkle to the finish.

production of Hares in the workshopRunning HareGoing for a rideEntrance to new housing developmentRunning Hare