Wilsontown Ironworks Gateway Entrance.
Wilsontown Ironworks was established in 1779 near Forth in South Lanarkshire and was one of 60 coke fired ironworks to be found in Scotland.  It was at the forefront of technological advances and was the location for a number of industrial developments that went on to shape and influence iron manufacturing.  The ironworks closed in 1842  although coal mining continued until 1955.
The site of Wilsontown Ironworks is now owned and managed by The Forestry Commission, who, set up the Wilsontown Ironworks Heritage Project to preserve the site.  As well as improving the site for visitors with better paths and information on the ironworks, P. Johnson & Company were commissioned to create an entrance way to the site celebrating the ironworks and the working community that lived the small valley around the ironworks.
The split gateway and overthrow, depicts, in silhouette, the architecture of the ironworks and the village where the community of around 2000 lived and worked.
The gateway and overthrow have been created from mild steel which has been galvanized, to protect from corrosion and painted.
Wilsontown Entrance Gateway and OverthrowLeft hand leaf of Wilsonown Entrance Gatewaydetail Right hand leaf of Wilsontown Entrance GatewayEntrance Gateway and Overthrow to Wilsontown Ironworks