Pictish Cross-Slab Supports Arms, Interpretation Barrier and Bench, Nigg Old Church.
Working to architect Martin Hadlington’s drawings, our blacksmiths and engineers at P. Johnson & Company have fabricated and installed the stainless steel support arms which hold the eighth-century Pictish cross-slab at Nigg Old Church, Ross & Cromarty.  The Pictish cross-slab, acknowledged as one of the oldest representations of the Cross in early medieval Europe, has been painstakingly conserved by Edinburgh based stone conservator, Graciela Ainsworth.  Working closely with Graciela and her team, to ensure that the support arms would fully support the cross-slab, the polished stainless supports are fastened solely to the modern section that replaces an area lost during fragmentation of the stone in the nineteenth century, thus ensuring no further risk of damage to the ancient stone.
The stainless interpretation barrier, installed in front of the cross-slab,allows close viewing access to the stone while protecting it from being touched & the bench allows a resting area for quiet contemplation.

Stainless Steel bench created by P. Johnson & Company for Old Nigg ChurchInterpratation barrier and cross-slab support, Old Nigg Church.Nigg cross-slab support arms fabricated at P. Johnson & Company, Ratho Byres ForgeMartin Hadlington, architect, perspective drawingInterpratation barrier and cross-slab support, Old Nigg Church.
photo credit Liz Whiteford