Sails Sculpture, St Pierre Park Hotel, Guernsey.  
The Sails Sculpture was designed, created and installed by P. Johnson & Company at Ratho Byres Forge, commissioned by Handpicked Hotels for their hotel & golf resort, St Pierre Park, Guernsey.  A conceptual drawing was created by our in-house designer, Jois Hunter, which then enabled engineer, Mike Johnson, to create a scale model of the sculpture.  This scale model enabled Mike to understand how he would construct the sails & how the elements would all work together.  The mast, rigging and sail contours are formed from stainless steel, with the sailcloth created from copper.  The sculpture was created and installed by Ratho Byres Forge artist blacksmiths & engineers, Mike Johnson, Mark Laidlaw and Craig Forrest.

Conceptual drawing of Sail Sculpture, by Jois Hunterphoto credit EvokeMike Johnson tig welding stainless steel mastScale model of Sail Sculpture
The Sail Sculpture, Pierre Park Hotle, GuernseyMark Laidlaw and Mike Johnson working on the copper sail infillCraig Forrest attaching mast to base plate